Monday, September 9, 2013

Quick gift idea with Bella Blvd

Every year my anniversary seems to sneak up on me! You would think as it is always the same day I would be more prepared. But it is right in the middle of the back to school craziness, hockey try outs and the beginning of dance classes. So here we are another and I had no gift? I had an idea so this weekend I set to work. I grabbed a  99cent Tolsby frame from Ikea. (Yes I said 99 cents-just don't tell my husband!) And set to work. I collect my new Bella Blvd papers and embellishments.
This is what my desk looked like before-

I set to work with an idea in my head and I am quite happy with how the whole thing turned out.
This is a shot of the individual pages. I picked a couple of different lengths and added some tabs on the side with the border stickers to vary the shapes.
And this is the whole think put together.
He loved it and it is proudly sitting on his desk today.
Enjoy! Chris

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