Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hockey like an NHL Star!

Well I am not sure how much more exciting M's season could be and it just got started. On Friday at 2:30 in the afternoon his coach called a dryland practice for Saturday at 11am. Brian and I were both working so we had made other plans for him. We emailed the coach to let him know, a few hours later he called and asked if there was anyway we could get him there. He had a special coach coming. So like a good parent I rearranged my work day to take him & brought along the camera!
This is M as he notices the special guest coach is Travis Zajac!!

I just have to say it was fun for me to watch as M was soaking in all he had to say...

I think you can tell by the smile on his face the fun he had!!
He soaked in all the information he gave them. In the end he signed hockey cards for all of them.
I am very thankful I was able to change my plan to get him there and take pictures!
Have a great day!

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