Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Candy anyone??

I needed a few quick boys birthday gifts for this weekend. I had ALOT going on but I cannot resist anything handmade. So off to Pinterest I headed. I am not sure how many times I can say I LOVE Pinterest!!!!!
So I started with a few basics, hot glue gun, foam block, a pile of candy and chocolate bars. This is what it looked like before.

I was originally going to have the bouquet coming out of a sand bucket but didn't like the way it looked. But here is the end result.
After the 13 year old recipient took his gift home this is the text I got from his Mom...
"Such a cool gift. Thank you so much. I have to tell you I've never had one of my kids say we need to take a picture of this present before we open it. Then he sent it his grandma to see! Truly-not typical behaviour." I think he liked it, that made my day.
Enjoy! Chris

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