Monday, August 19, 2013

Working on workflow!

So I am been missing for a bit. As some of you know my daughter has had some pretty major surgery. I will spare you the details as it would make some a bit queasy ! She is doing quite well now but that way a long road. This is her in the hospital. She looks better then she feels.
Then there was a week of lots and lots of special care from her parents! She had a rough recovery period, but the doctor was happy with how all the bone work went.
 So after a week she got a new cast. Very painful experience- by the way.


To make it even more exciting she turn 16 in the middle of this whole experience. So her brother tried to make it a bit better with a present to match her new cast.
We seem to be on the up swing now so now onto my next issue. Not a ton of work coming out of my office. So I am spending the day on workflow! So get ready there is some scraping happening so soon as I clean my scrapbook area!
Enjoy!- Chris







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