Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another fun Pinterest Idea

As some of you know and some of you don't my baby girl is going into Grade 12 this year. Don't ask how that happened as I am not quite sure. They just keep growing up on me! As a scrapbooker I love taking pictures to document everything, her grad year will be no different! I spend far too much time on Pinterest so I thought it was time to make my time spent useful. While the boys were away for a short camping trip without us the girls set to crafting.
Here is the picture I pinned from Pinterest......
The link was just to a silk flower weeding page with no more photos but here is the link.
Not much information to go on but we worked together.
First we bought tons of flowers from Dollarama. We took them all apart, then my baby girl hot glued them back together but added more layers in for each flower to make them fuller. Then I set to work with a needle and thread and an elastic band as the base. Here is what they looked like in the end. We needed to make two so that her best friend could have a matching one too!
Here is how it turned out! Beautiful if I do say so!

Enjoy! Chris

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