Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Close to My Heart Convention

I thought I would share a few of my feeling about my very first Close to My Heart Convention. The best place to start is by saying that it will not be my last! Everyone says that it is an amazing experience but it honestly true. There were so many great things but let me just start by saying it was at the Happiest Place on Earth- Disneyland!! 

The is a great mix of business and creative time. 

This is Jess ( my partner in crime ) and I trying some fun new things!

There were many wonderful speakers including my Upline Brae Montgomery who talked about leading a team from a distance. She did a great job!

Here is a team photo we took on the day we all dress in red & white to show off our Canadian spirit!

It was so nice to meet my team in person for the first time! Thanks to everyone for making me feel part of the team right away!

Here is the recap video. It brings back great memories! Can you spot us??
Will you be there in Disney World with me next year??

For more information on becoming part of my team, check out the details HERE.

This is a picture of the new consultant kit.

Until next year!

Enjoy! Chris

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