Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Chris' Creative Club for Seasonal Expressions 2

You guys it is time to start to take about the Chris' Creative Club for the Seasonal Expressions 2 Idea Book. I am very happy to say that you all seem to be enjoying the club, that makes me SO happy. This is the announcement for the advance registration. I will walk you through the details now.

Here is how the club will work and some more information. The idea is that you will pre-purchase the workshops guide for each Idea Book. Once you are enrolled in the club all the workshop guides for my Full Scrapbooking Workshops will arrive in your inbox as soon as they are complete. There will be no need to order each workshop  as each individual workshop is released. Plus as a bonus I am going to offer a discount!! The workshops that will be included in the first round of the club will be as follows-

  1. Sweet Girl Scrapbooking Workshop-ready to go 
  2. True Love Scrapbooking Workshop
  3. Into the Wild Scrapbooking Workshop
  4. Craft On Scrapbooking Workshop
Each workshop would normally be $12USD each but if you decide to join the Chris' Creative Club you will receive the 4 workshop guide for $40USD. If you currently purchase my guide individually don't worry you will still have that option.  If you have already purchased one of the workshops that have already been released but are interested in upgrading to the club, simply send me an email at crbb@mts.net  and I am happy to figure out the difference and send you an invoice. 

If you have any further questions please ask!! (email me at crbb@mts.net )

If you would like access to the Seasonal Expressions 2 (2019) Chris' Creative Club simply click on the PayPal link.